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Break free…begin anew

Break free

Begin anew…

This might be the tagline that Heera builders believe in but I am sure I will be forgiven if I plagiarize it. Nothing really suits my situation better. For those not in the know I have spent the last 7 months in the land of my birth…. Gods own country and all that jazz.  From the point of being a Chennai born malyalee, Kerala was a land of dreams. Of the idealized green country where my parents had loads of fun growing up. With visions of exploring the state and my own people I set upon the brave journey. But alas it was a disappointing stay. I found the people small minded and conservative beyond belief. I clung on sure that  if trivandrum was wrong for me maybe Kochi would be better. But alas it was no better so fate intervened and people I am happy to say. This Chennai born malayalee is going to be back in Chennai. So here is a toast to breaking free and beginning anew.


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