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A movie called Rock On…And a band called Magik

Dreams come true at least on celluloid and I am glad really. The film Rock on was all about it about people their dreams and what it takes to make it come true. It takes hard work, perseverance, and of course a good director. Just being a little nasty forgive me. It was a wonderful movie. Rock On is a tale of friendship, of togetherness, of loss, and most of all about following one’s heart and going after one’s dream.

Aditya (Farhan Akhtar) is an investment banker who is rich and successful. He is married to Prachi Desai, who makes a beautiful socialite who loves her husband but is not able to get into her husbands heart. All through though this couple looks like they have it all they feel unhappy inside and this is shown over and over again. Then we meet the seriously cute KD (killer drummer) played by Purab Kohli who works at his dad’s jewelry firm, where he meets Aditya’s wife. Another character is Joe played by Arjun Rampal who sits at his guitar shop and does pretty much nothing except play a few melodies or listen to the endless bickering of his wife Debbie (Sahana Goswami) who plays a very typical maharashtrian fish wife, though in western outfits. And the finally there was Rob played by Luke Kenny (India’s First Indian Male VJ on Channel V), who composes jingles for advertisements along with Anu Malik.

These four Aditya, KD, Joe, and Rob along with Debbie were friends in college and the 4 guys had their own band called Magik. They go on to win a talent hunt conducted by Channel V and duringthe making f the video have their ego hassles and the band breaks up and the four go on their own way. Cut to the present ten years later, Prachi finds out about Magik and brings the estranged friends together. And Magik is revived. But there are tough choices to be made by the four friends. But their love for music lies supreme over all other and together them come and make magik.

Butttttttttttttttttttt, there was one thing that irritated me. Debbie and Joe have a son and are from a middle class family. Joe who had hoped to make it big in the music world does nothing except play at a few parties and take guitar classes for kids. Most of the time we see him bumming around the house lost in himself. And then we have Debbie, who during their college days dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist but marrying Joe she gave up her dream and became a fish wife taking over his family business. Towards the climax when the band has come together and they are going to perform for a channel V talent hunt (yet another talent hunt).

Joe gets an opportunity to sing on a cruise and that is the day when the cruise leaves the city to make matters more sticky, Rob is diagnosed with brain tumor and it is his dream to play this one last concert before his death. Now Joe is torn, on one hand there is his duty to his family and on the other hand there is his friends last wish.
His wife being the practical sort urges him to go on the cruise. And further on the director shows her as stifling her husbands dream and portrays her rather negatively. There is a point of time when the concert is going on and magik is singing a song that was written by Joe for Debbie and Joe starts to get up immediately Debbie takes his hand and clasps it in his hand to prevent him from getting up but he goes, they win the concert and in happily ever after we see Debbie all smiles and hugs after becoming a stylist. I say what is wrong in what she did, she is not some young independent woman who can share the risk. She is a mother and as far as mothers are concerned their priorities are different. She is more worried about her family and that the director must understand is as natural as comes.

But nit-picking aside lovely movie and now that it is out on DVD I suggest people go get it.


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