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One size fits all

Today seems to be my day to deal with an overload of hug therapy. Just this morning as I was browsing through my friend’s blog I came upon a video
. It was a really nice video with a simple message. A simple touch goes a long way in making people feel better. And just as I logged on to orkut guess what I saw

Today’s fortune: The best gift you can give is a hug: one size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it


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A poem for me

And Still Anna is walking..
Who knows whether she has a destination or not..
So sad, today she lost another year from her precious life..
Still her friends are happy,
So happy that Anna is one more year close to the end..
But here I am not..
Really it is sad.. Anna is older now..
Oh.. Too hard.. too hard..
Comrade Subin P Thomas

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On a day like today

To be a teacher they say is a thankless job. You have a bunch of know it alls who presume to know better than you when in fact they don’t. It involves long hours of shouting trying to maintain a discipline in a class of 30 – 40 where every single person is bigger than you. It involves being a butt of a million jokes and no matter what you do it is just not write … phew like I said thankless. But once upon a time creeps up on you an odd moment where the students just turn around and surprise the life out of you. Like take for example today. Today is my birthday…my 25th birthday to be precise. I went into my class it was an English class with II Vis.Com. it is not really a class I look forward to as it is the class that gives me maximum trouble. Most of the days I end up with a sore throat after this particular class. It is a class with 30 high-energy personalities. Anyways today as I walked into the class to my utter surprise there on the table was a cake lit by 9 candles (I guess they thought I am just 9) complete with balloons and all. And the class just burst out singing the birthday song. I was touched beyond belief (and the teacher in the next class irritated beyond belief). I mean they didn’t have to do it but still they did. And at the end of the class I walk into my Iyr Vis. Com. and there it was a second birthday cake with a louder birthday song complete with whistles and cheers (so loud the tamil sir in the next class came running). What can I say I am just an emotional wreck laid to waste by the sweetness of my students. On a day like today it feels good to be a teacher.

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Today’s fortune

Today’s fortune: Today might be a great and wonderful day. It depends on you

For the orkut lovers / users this phrase needs no introduction. It is a typically dumb statement that orkut is trying to pass off as my fortune for the day. Duh it’s not just today or any one particular day almost any day can be a great and wonderful day if we make a conscious effort. Though it is a dumb statement it does have a message. If you look at each day with a positive frame of mind every day will be a wonderful day. The power of positive thinking 🙂

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and again you gone

My friend a Linux nut’s poem. I found it rather sweet and sad

And again u gone.. That too without a word..
Leaving me behind in the darkness…
And not even telling which direction to go..
And in the mud, i have lost my feet..
And i feel the sharp tools pricking in to my body..
I can smell the blood off my heart..
And lost in the caves of pain..
Still alone..
I wish i had my eyes…
And my hands free..
And a hand to be stretched out for me,
for i am too weak to wake on my own..

By Comrade Subin

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One day at Tambaram

With the recent increase of terrorist attacks in India one change that has been noted is that we have more of bomb detectors in Chennai. I call it a bomb detector because I don’t know what else to call it. I am talking about the rectangular steel frame like structure that is found in railway stations and in other crowded public places. Its primary duty, I understand is bomb deduction hence I call it a bomb detector. Anyways I guess by now you know what I am talking about.
Some time back I went to Madras Christian College (MCC), being from the other end of Chennai I used the local train network to get to Tambaram. On my way to MCC I was in too much of a hurry to notice the frame. But on my return I had much more time. I leisurely strolled by the station and just as I got into the overhead railway footpath I noticed the bomb detector. As I stood there people walked right into it and the machine (if one may call it that) started beeping. I expected cops to come out running from the bushes and screaming sirens proclaiming the entry of police vans in the parking lots but alas I was disappointed. Forget screaming sirens and gun totting police men I didnt even see a railway police coming out to check.
Even as I stood there, awestruck more people walked by with the scanner beeping for every fourth or fifth person. It took me some time to realize this is just been placed here with no monitoring (it took me all of 3 seconds). So what was the point of placing it here? While I assure you I don’t know the price of one of these things I am sure the amount will several thousands if not tens of thousands. And the point of one of these is deduction in case a terrorist walks in carrying the bomb. While there were many who walked in through the scanner an equal amount walked around the scanner. So what I ask is the use of this scanner. Why waste thousands (or tens of thousands as the case maybe) for absolutely nothing. Is this some kind of a modern counterpart of the scarecrow found in the fields to scare birds coming to steal from the fields? Is this supposed to scare our modern sophisticated terrorist who comes with the intention of blowing a given place to kingdom come? Forgive me I don’t think that’s how things are meant to work.

And while I am in the topic of security lapses let me make a small comment about security at MCC College. I walked in on a holiday during the winter vacation when there are no students in college. I walked right in to a staff’s house met him and came back, no questions asked. What in case I came with some malicious intent. What in case my bag contained explosives of even a handgun or anything else. Granted I don’t look like a terrorist, but the 20 something old men caught and killed after the 26/11 massacre didn’t look like terrorist to me. I don’t mean for the security at MCC or any other place for that matter to harass the visitors as they come in but they must at least try and make note. It is not like I could have been a students, it is the holidays after all so the least they must do is question my motives right.
I come from a college where an ID card is de – rigueur, for students and most of the time for the teachers. I make it a habit to come late at least twice a month. The security men almost know me by sight I wear a saree which shows I am a staff member but still they insist I show my ID card, not that they want to trouble me, it is just a safety precaution coming from that back ground I find it rather strange to see this kind of an attitude. T.V radio’s all sprout gyaan about the only protection against terror attack is an alert public but that day at Tambaram alertness I saw not.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year

There is nothing like New Years day to make one feel so………. New??? I mean seriously all that business of letting go of your past making a fresh new start really makes one feel good. Of course this reformation can happen at anytime durting the year but somehow it feels all the more special during the birth of a new year. There is something magical about the stroke of midnight when the old passes away and the new is ushered in. It is truly magical. I spend my new years eve in church and at the stroke of midnight the lights are all switched off and candles lit. the entire congregation together sings an old Malayalam song – enneyolam thunachone… which translates to the one who protected us so far keep protecting us …….. something so beautiful about singing it together anyways enuff senti stuff so early in the new year.
At this time just wanna make a special mention of certain frnds of mine who called me at 12:00 at mite totally sloshed and sang fr me guys tht was totally sweet but just a word of caution drinking and driving is best not done together.
Anyways here is wishing the world a gr8 year ahead. I hope this year we will all find all the love happiness and most important peace we are all looking for.

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Abhiyum Naanum

I went to watch a Hindi film but at the theatre faced with a choice of only Rab ne Bana di Jodi and Gajhini I lost interest. So as a last minute decision my friend and I decided on the film Abhiyum Naanum. The Facts first – Abhiyum Naanum is a product of Duet films which has given us wonderful films like Mozhi, Mozhi and umm did I mention Mozhi. Directed by Radha Mohan the Producer of the film is the protagonist Prakash Raj. The other important characters are Trisha Krishnan and Aishwarya. We also have a new face actor Ganesh Venkatraman, making his debut.
The entire film is in a flashback mode with Prakash Raj narrating his life story to Prithvi Raj, who makes a cameo appearance in the film. Prakash Raj on his morning walk sees Prithvi Raj with his young daughter and gets nostalgic and talks about his daughter her growing up and the wonderful moments he has had with her.
The apple of her father’s eye Trisha grows up with her dad as her best friend, and like every dad in this planet Prakash Raj is not able to accepts that his baby daughter has grown up. Very beautifully the director shows, Prakash Raj resisting change in his baby’s life at every step. Be it when it was time when she had to go to school, or first demanded that she wants to go to school by cycle, or the time she gets an MBA admission at JNU and she wants to leave home, or the final blow for her dad, when she comes home from Delhi for good only to tell him that she is in love!!! With a Sikh!!! Even though he resists at first the director shows the gradual change of mind that occurs in the father’s mind and how he typically in the end accepts his son in law as a son.
The director manages to weave a lot of little messages through an already rich story line and has done it so subtly we take it in with ease. At the time of Trisha’s school admission they show the father sitting and preparing for the interview standing in long queues to get admission and the school principal’s detailing of fees saying we will only take money for this, this and this, other than that we don’t ask any money from the parents.
There is also this time when Trisha as a little girl brings home a beggar she finds outside her school gate. How they accept him and take him inside their family fold. The director also talks about adoption and how people should stop wondering about what others say and do it.
On the whole it was a lovely movie you laugh till you cry and in some scenes tears just roll down your eyes without your knowledge even. There is this 1 particular shot that touched me a lot (there were many but this 1 in particular) it is a shot with Prakash Raj sitting on a rocking chair with his little girl on his lap and a shawl around the two of them – just beautiful.
There were many flaws in the film especially when it came to the characterization of Trisha and Ganesh and there were also some very bad shots which jumped and actually hurt the eye. But all in all it was 1 beautiful movie a must watch for all dad’s and to be dad’s and daughters.

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