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A screaming woman in the background. Angry abuse from a male mouth. Sounds coming from your neighbour who is a factory worker. The drunken man is hitting her and using foul language, her cjildren and screaming. From the comfort of our homes we watch with a shake of our head and say these people just don’t learn. This is just achiched situation. A working class family drunken husband beating up his wife for money, but when it comes to domestic violence there is more…so much more. Domestic violence has been experienced and documented across nations and cultures throughout the world in all classes and communities. Domestic violence is a fact of human life- a universal phenomenon.
Domesticviolence.org defines domestic violence as thus – “Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.”

Though it is seen as a worldwide phenomenon it is especially prevalent in societies where the woman is considered subservient. It is a criminal behavior and it is to express their r power and control over their dependants. Psychologists assert that people deal with their own insecurities and inadequacies by abusing and controlling the lives of others within the safe precincts of domestic walls. The domestic situation usually makes the abused very vulnerable and fragile.
Stats from domesticviolence.in says that even in a “developed country like America also Women are six times more likely to get violated by intimate partners than men. Surveys taken from time to time have revealed 305 women get violated in Barbados, 29% in Canada, 34% in Egypt, 35% in New Zealand, 21% in Switzerland and 22% in United States. Surveys done in specific areas have also revealed figures as high as 50 and 70%”

“ In India there is a crime against women in every three minutes, one rape every twenty-nine minutes and one recorded case of dowry death in every seventy-seven minutes. Cases of cruelty meted out by husbands and in laws are seen in every nine minutes. Patriarchal terrorism where one partner uses economic and social power to maintain control over another human is very common in India and other Asian countries due to the subservient status of women.”

So what can be done domestic violence will never be fully eliminated from society unless society refuses to tolerate it. This will require an internal change in the basic nature of society world over, beginning with the recognition of the worth of every human being as an individual. If the law does not buck up in terms of implementing punishment on those who violate others within the sacred walls of the institution called family and home, the weaker will continue to be violated and abused by the stronger – physically, mentally, materially and spiritually.
So what can we do about it. Stop tolerating it. Sounds simple na. But that’s it. If we recognize that even women are equal to men that they are human beings with feeling and not jus a receptacle of anger of the men in life it is a step forward. And the law must come down strongly on men who abuse their wives and daughters. Unless the change comes from within the society there can be no help.
Meanwhile chek this out it is but one way of stopping domestic violence.


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  1. To an extend I disagree with you…You MUST ponder further on what is common is these abused victims…

    I would say there is a common/trend in these victims. At one point of their lives they did have a control over things and they failed to take charge. Each abuse victim would not have been abused on a single day and the incident reported. Instead it would be happening repeatedly until one day she realises this has to stop. Why cant this decision be made the very first time?? LAW alone cannot prevent these kind of issues but people should be educated that THEY SHOULD CONTROL THEIR LIVES and not let someone control it for them.

    Law is simply a line to see if you have crossed the line or not.. I am sure the unreported cases is atleast 3 times higher than reported cases…what are we gonna do about it????

    Comment by Hammer of spirit | July 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. What are u talking about John, maybe those with resources to fall back on, those who have education, or a family that supports them have a choice what about those who dont how can we help them.

    Comment by takinlife1stepatime | July 27, 2009 | Reply

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