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Of People and their inflated sense of opinion.

A woman’s greatest enemy is not a man it is merely another woman.
I have said that a thousand times and I will tell you again. Whether it is a mother in law who tortures her daughter in law for money or a mother in law who forces to kill her innocent baby because she was unfortunately born a girl child. In a country where a woman is supposed to be revered, where the country is referred to as mother and the major religion having a host of women as deities is the girl child insulted and hurt.

Why am I spewing venom I read a newspaper report in which the NCW (National Commission of Women) had rejected a report filed by Nirmala Venkatesh, who led the 3-member team that enquired into the January 24 attack on girls and boys at a pub in Mangalore by Sriram Sena. Among other gyaan she sprouted in her report she bypassed the attack on women by Sri Rama Sene members, and instead said the club did ‘not have enough security’ and that ‘women have to safeguard themselves’. She also shifted the probe focus to whether or not the pub had the license to serve liquor.

Claiming that she was unable to trace the victims, Ms. Venkatesh met the accused in jail to seek their help in locating the girls. At one point in time, she even suggested that women refrain from wearing “skimpy” and provocative dresses.

Of all the incredibly stupid things to say. Women like her are a bane to normal freedom loving women. She has been rightly sacked from her post and she has joined the BJP bandwagon. Terming the rejection of her interim report on the Mangalore pub attacks as a “deep political conspiracy”, Venkatesh said, ” I am being made a political victim. I am deeply hurt and shocked.”

“I am shocked that certain people, whom I do not want to mention, have personal dislike for my honest work and clean image, and are out to settle their personal scores against me in this manner”, she added.

People and their inflated sense of opinion.


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