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2009 A Love Story

There is a story that needs to be told …a story that stands strong in this turbulent loveless time. In this age of recession talk and increased divorce rates I want to relate to my readers a real life incident that touched my heart. On the way to my house there is a slum and this one fine day on my way to college I saw a big crowd in front of a house, it was a house with a shamiana and a closer look showed that someone had passed away.

Even as I was going I heard a lady tearing her hair, wailing and beating her chest mourning for the loss of a loved one. Time constraints as I have in the morning made sure I couldn’t enquire. The next morning my maid told me that it was an old man who passed away and the woman mourning him was his wife. Very sad, I thought and shrugged these things happen. A little later as I rode pass the house I saw the woman wearing the same sari and lying flat on the ground outside her house. My maid reported the next day that the woman refused to eat anything and was just lying down. Oh, I said not sure what I must say in a situation like that.

For the next 3 days as I went past the house I saw the lady flat on the ground. A couple of days later as I was in my mad dash to catch my bus I saw the same shamiana and crowd in front of the same house. Déjà vu all over me not stopping I sped fast. The next morning my maid comes and tells me the wife of the man who died last week she passed away too.

My dad the ever sceptic argues it is lack of food that did her in after all she was pretty old. But it doesn’t matter what he thinks I know that whatever might have been the reason people might say the real reason must have been death by heartbreak. She pined for her love that will never be returned and she died. I realize that I am getting a little bit maudlin and mawkish here but something about the couple just touched my heart.  After all isn’t that what we all desire a love that completes us and if one half goes away what will the other half do?


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