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Making it work

I am on the verge of getting married and as a result I have been an object of a deluge of advice. All meaningfully given but advice is as advice gets pretty much over my head. So from all the advice I received there is one that I especially liked and it came from (believe it or not) a mills and boons novel. This is the scene – the hero and heroine having confessed their love for each other wonders aloud what makes love work for some people and not for others. And the answer is this –

“I think each person has to make a commitment in his or her heart  to make a relationship work. Each time the commitment is threatened or when things get dull or hard or whatever then they have to decide to make the commitment again and again and again. And they should let the other person know they are still serious about making it work. They should be honest with each other about how they feel and what they need from each other even if it hurts at times.”

Obvious advice isn’t it but how true. If only we can remember this advice as we go ahead in our lives and relationships how much better would things be  🙂


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